Seaplane Be-200 Gidroaviasalon 2010 part 1 Amphibia RF-32768 21512

Seaplane Be-200 Gidroaviasalon 2010 part 1 Amphibia RF-32768 21512

Really hats off to Russia and especially Beriev for persevering in the jet powered flying boat (amphibious in this case) and producing something that looks like an excellent design.

This is a great and well designed jet amphibian. I always wonder what they could have brought to the operation had ‘Chalks Ocean Airways’ survived and had the means to put these in passenger service. In that configuration, the Be-200 can carry 70 passengers. That’s a regional jet payload.

I have always thought Russia built good aircraft.  Some models better than others, just like here.  Where I live, we have had the worse fires in local history and the winds did not help.  There were so many fires in the Northwest, the resources were thin.  Canada sent one or two of their 215/415 water bombers and they are great aircraft.  I could see where either the US Forest Service or some of the private contractors who do wildfire service for the government should negotiate and buy or long term lease these Be 200 amphibious jets from Russia.  They are fast, can scoop water like the 415 but carry more gallons and can be faster.  I wish relations would warm up with the US and Russia and some business could be made here.  This isn't for any military application against each other, this for the saving of lives, homes and property.  The fires are still going and two or three of these jets could cover the states of Oregon and Washington at this time.  From what I have seen so far.  This jet gets the trophy. and with these water bomber jets, the fires would be out by now.  I admire the Beriev 200

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